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Saint Yared Tours is a private company based in Axum and Addis Ababa that offers a unique opportunity for travelers to discover the historic sites, cultural and the natural beauty of Ethiopia. We have over 10 years experience of tour guiding and tour organizing for international and domestic travelers. Saint Yared Tours has a unique service to provide for its customers and to the carriers that have thrilled it. Our company has a professional staffs engaging guiding services & tour operating having extensive knowledge of the country and all Guides working for Saint Yared Tours do speak excellent English language we can arrange guides who speaks international multi-language if the request comes! Our drivers have also many years of experience in driving throughout the country. We have also great escort chief who prepare yummy western and traditional meals while you are in the trekking routes. Therefore our expertise allows travelers to customize their trip that suits them, ensuring a pleasant tour with superb value.

We provide quality service accompanied by competitive price with flexible payment options. Quality service is our priority. Saint Yared Tours provides individual and group travel to leisure as well as corporate clients.  Please do contact us right away and spend a marvelous time with us.


About Saint Yared

The Ethiopian Re'ese Liqawnt (head professor), Yared, was born on April 25, 505 A.D. in the city of Aksum. His father was named Adam and his mother Tauklia. Yared's lineage was from the priesthood of Aksum. When he was six years old his parents gave Yared to the tutorship of Yishaq, who was a teacher in Aksum. Under this teacher, Yared completed the study of the alphabet and began to study the Psalms. However, he had difficulty learning his lesson and was sent back to his parents by his teacher. His father having died in the meantime, his mother, Tauklia, placed him in the hands of her brother, Abba Gedeon, who was the parish priest, with the request that he should raise and educate Yared. Abba Gedeon was the teacher of the Old and New Testaments in the courtyard of the church of St. Mary of Sion and he had begun translating the Holy Scriptures into Geez from Hebrew and Greek. Yared lodged with Abba Gedeon and began studying along with the other children but for years he lagged behind the others in his studies and so was constantly reprimanded and punished by the new teacher. Yared was not bright student and however much he studied he could not grasp his lessons. Because of his slow-mindedness he became an object of derision and mockery to his classmates. One day his uncle whipped Yared severely, saying: You should not lag behind your classmates and you should pay attention to your studies as the others do.

Yared became bitter about his failure as a student and decided to go elsewhere and start life anew. He therefore fled from the school and while journeying to his uncle's birth place, Medebai welel, he was caught by a heavy shower and was obliged to take cover under a tree near a spring called Maikerah, some four kilometers outside the city of Aksum.

While sheltering under the trees, pondering and feeling remorse about his failure, he witnessed an event that was to change his whole life. His attention was caught by a caterpillar struggling time and again despite repeated failures, to climb up the trunk of tree to eat of its leaves. Six times the caterpillar failed but on the seventh trial it struggled with all its might and was able to reach its destination. Watching the perseverance of the caterpillar, Yared wept, comparing his weakness with the strength of the grub. After seeing the stamina of the tiny creature, he decided to return and take up his studies again. He reasoned that man was a creature superior to a caterpillar and as the caterpillar had, with repeated effort, reached its goal and eaten of the leaves of the tree so he too should bear the consequences such as whipping, study diligently and succeed. Having decided this, he returned to his spiritual teacher, Abba Gedeon and begged to be forgiven and to be taken back to continue his studies. Abba Gedeon relented and began teaching him the Psalms. Besides continuing his studies, Yared went to the church of St. Mary of Sion every day and prayed to God saying: "Oh ! merciful lord give me wisdom! " God heard the child's prayer and endowed him with insight and intelligence. His sudden brightness filled his teacher with wonder. Thus he was able, through diligence and hard work, to complete the study of the Old and New Testaments within a short time. Since Yared was now a highly gifted student, he finished his studies with astounding results and thereafter became a deacon. From his teacher Abba Gedeon he had learnt Hebrew and Greek and was fluent in both these languages. In his understanding of the Holy Scriptures and knowledge of foreign languages he became the equal of his teacher. Upon the death of his uncle-cum-teacher, even though he was only fourteen years old, Yared took over the chair and profession of his tutor and began giving lessons.

In the Book of May II Sinksar (Lives of the Saints) is related the full story of how Yared created the chant and notation system inspired and guided by the Holy Spirit. At this time there was no set of rules for the liturgical chant. In this same book it is written that when Almighty God wanted to establish sacred chants, as he was desirous of being praised upon earth, three Angels were sent from Paradise in the form of three birds to teach Yared heavenly songs in his own language. The birds circling in the air in front of Yared sang to him sweet and captivating new songs, while Yared stood there listening, mesmerized by the sweet sound. The birds began praising him in his language (Geez), saying "Oh ! famed, honored (Yared) and full of grace! praised be the womb that bore you, praised be the breasts the breasts that" you sucked. They then carried him off to heavenly Jerusalem where twenty-four celestial Angels were singing. St. Yared standing before the seat of the Trinity sand the secret songs conceived in his heart and revealed to him by the Holy Spirit.